Remote Car Starter for $99

This winter you don’t have to sit in a cold car, start your car from in the house or from around the world using Zippo's Remote Car Starter!

Additional Details

  • Available at one of our Zippo’s locations. In order to install, you must schedule an appointment. To schedule an appointment, please call.
  • Valid for Sale Remote Starter ONLY.

Before You Buy

  • Most cars need additional parts and labor. Please call the store to find out what additional parts and labor are needed for your car. Extra charges would include but not limited to bypasses, alarm disarm and door unlock. most push to start cars use the factory remote fob. Offer does not include all cars. For example almost all German cars are excluded from remote start deal. Bypasses are for transponder security keys.

Our Zippo's Locations

North Plainfield Belleville
918 US Highway 22 745 Washington Ave.
North Plainfield, NJ 07060 Belleville, NJ 07109
(908)-756-3922 (973)-759-6800