Alpine KTX-100EQ

The KTX-100EQ IMPRINT Sound Manager is a calibration software kit designed for the exclusive use with the CDA-9887.

The software program available on the CD-ROM, used in conjunction with the included box, cables, and microphone all work together to automatically capture and measure sound responses from inside the vehicle. A minimum of 4 mic positions are recommended. The software offers an advanced application to correct time/frequency problems using MultEQ, and achieves the optimal listening experience from every seat in the car. Get the KTX-100EQ today, for a more precise soundstage and excellent sound quality in your car.

Computer Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows XP (Service Pack-2 System)
  • Microsoft.NET Framework 1.1

*If this application is not installed on your PC, the application is automatically installed with the software program.