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Zippo's knows what you are looking for when it comes to car audio and electronic customization and aftermarket auto accessories for your car, truck or motorcycle. Through our experience in the car audio and electronic industry, we've come to know and work with some of the resources we are listing for you here. Whether they are manufacturers of car audio systems, auto navigation systems, auto security systems, motorcycle alarm systems, mobile video systems, iPod car audio equipment, performance wheels and tires and other aftermarket auto accessories or they are mobile phone dealers, they are there to help customize your vehicle.

Also listed are training facilities for car audio installation and industry news and know-how regarding custom auto accessories.


TomTom provides GPS auto navigation solutions to help people get from Point A to Point B quickly and safely. This international GPS auto navigation system is easy to use and very portable when it comes to stand-alone auto navigation systems.

Verizon Wireless
One of the more popular wireless phone dealers, Verizon Wireless provides a variety of wireless multimedia services. When looking at cell phone dealers, be sure to look into this popular mobile phone dealer's site.


Alpine Electronics of America, Inc.
Alpine provides high performance car audio systems. They specialize in integrating security, navigation and car audio equipment for your mobile entertainment. Consider Alpine car audio systems when visiting Zippo's for car audio installation.

Kenwood Electronics
Kenwood strives to provide custom car audio electronics of quality, reliability and value. They consider what the customer wants in car audio systems and regularly receive awards for their innovations in car audio equipment.

Creator of many high performance car audio systems, Eclipse focuses on the passion of music. They manufacture car audio equipment combining auto navigation systems for a custom car audio experience.

Pioneer Electronics
Pioneer Electronics has a strong heritage in car audio systems. Even after your custom car audio installation, Pioneer is dedicated to providing consumers with the highest level of service for their car audio equipment.


Vizualogic mobile video systems are perfectly matched to OEM specifications. They manufacture a superior mobile video entertainment system designed to mount easily and securely in place of the original headrest. Check out Vizualogic for your next in car video system.

Rosen Entertainment Systems
Rosen Entertainment Systems provides everything from an all-in-one mobile video entertainment system to premium headrest monitors. Their in car video system plays DVD movies, CD and MP3 audio and even your JPEG photo albums. They design mobile video for cars that is rugged and durable for automotive use.

Directed Video
Directed Video offers conventional in dash car video players as well as a new Dockable Media Player (DMP), allowing use of memory card readers to view photos and listen to MP3's. Their mobile video entertainment system includes adjustable monitors in their Factory Replacement Headrests.


Viper Auto Security
Viper auto security systems are designed to provide you a level of security along with ease of use and understanding. A Viper auto security system can be installed on any vehicle, new or old.

Motor Trader
Motor Trader provides a forum with discussion on auto security systems and general vehicle security. Visit this forum with questions about your auto security system needs.

Directed Electronics
Directed Electronics also offers motorcycle alarm systems that are extremely rugged and shock resistant. These motorcycle alarms have Starter Kill On-board Relay, Digital Tilt Sensors and many more features. Have Zippo's install the right motorcycle alarm for your bike.
If you are looking to learn about topics, such as motorcycle alarm systems, is the place to go. Here you are directed to many topics pertaining to motorcycles, including motorcycle alarm and security discussions.

Ezine Articles
Read about effective motorcycle alarm and security choices and decide which motorcycle alarm systems best suit your needs and concerns.


Upgrade your car or truck performance and appearance with custom auto accessories from Stillen. They manufacture aftermarket auto accessories that bring new levels of performance to your vehicle.

E&G Classics
E&G specializes in custom auto accessories that restyle your vehicle for that custom look. From grilles to Cabriolet Roofs, they supply the aftermarket auto accessories to turn your vehicle from ordinary to extraordinary.

AEM is dedicated to the research and development, design and manufacturing of high-quality aftermarket auto accessories for the car, truck and SUV market. Their custom auto accessories have a presence at racetracks across the country and are consistently put to the test by various automotive publications.

AEM Performance Forum
What a great place to come and discuss the latest aftermarket auto accessories . Go to AEM's Performance Forum and start up a discussion about the custom auto accessories you have been considering for your vehicle.


Zippo's can seamlessly integrate your iPod stereo accessories into your vehicle. iPod car adapters are available to integrate into an iPod car audio system for many vehicles. Visit iPod and look into some iPod car accessories for your vehicle.

Sirius Radio
Sirius Radio is satellite radio offering crystal clear commercial-free music. As your local car audio dealer, Zippo's can integrate your car audio equipment to provide you with the freedom to hear what you want, when you want it.

XM Satellite Radio
XM Satellite Radio offers satellite radio providing play by play sports coverage and commercial-free music. As your local car audio dealer, Zippo's can integrate your car audio equipment to provide you with the freedom to hear what you want, when you want it.

K40 Electronics
Manufacturer of K40 radar and laser protection systems installed and designed specifically for your automobile by Zippo's, your hometown car audio dealer supplying aftermarket auto accessories.

ORGANIZATIONS, EDUCATION & NEWS is an internet guide to car audio with information on car audio equipment and  available through a car audio dealer, like Zippo's.

The standard by which great mobile electronics performance is measured. The IASCA represents the car audio industry worldwide. Membership includes car audio dealers, car audio wholesale distributors, car audio equipment engineers and performance aftermarket auto accessories specialists along with many others.

Mobile Dynamics Car Audio School
Mobile Dynamics, the largest training facility of North America, introduced thousands of car audio equipment professionals to the exciting field of . Their programs are developed and presented by car audio specialists keeping their courses in tune with the ever changing industry of car audio systems.

Club Knowledge
An informative site to understand the why and how-to on many subjects, including car audio equipment and car audio installation. Look to Club Knowledge for schools and forums regarding the installation of car audio systems and custom auto accessories.

Car Stereo Information And Reviews
Revisit for information on one of the hottest hobbies and consumer interests in the market right now, car audio systems. With news and reviews about car audio equipment and aftermarket auto accessories for the ultimate car audio experience.

MTV's Pimp My Ride
Pimp My Ride is back for another season of giving the ultimate pimp-over to the wheels of drivers guilty of committing vehicular style crimes. Watch for custom auto accessories to use on your own vehicle including chrome wheels and tires, iPod car accessories, car audio systems and other aftermarket auto accessories .

Car Audio Magazine
Car Audio Magazine covers many topics including car audio systems, mobile video systems, auto security systems, auto navigation systems, iPod car audio systems and other electronic aftermarket auto accessories.

DUB Magazine
The voice of the urban automotive lifestyle, DUB Magazine discusses celebrity-driven vehicles and the vast world of car customization including car audio systems, mobile video systems, auto security systems, auto navigation systems, iPod car audio systems, custom car wheels and other aftermarket auto accessories.

Hot Rod Magazine
Hot Rod Magazine talks about performance wheels and performance parts for building and racing hot rod cars. They offer a forum and suggestions for schooling for those interested in working with performance aftermarket auto accessories.

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