Mobile Video

Rosen AV-7500

No more taking the home gaming system on the road, they provide hours of gaming fun and the included wireless game controllers make the gaming experience more exciting. The 16:9 wide-screen format allows you to properly view your favorite DVD movies. Put on the wireless headphones or listen to the soundtrack through your vehicles audio system in one of 4 simulated SURROUND SOUND modes. Tired of movies and want to listen to your favorite music? No Problem. Simply insert your favorite music disc or plug your MP3 player into the auxiliary A/V input on the front of the headrest system and listen using one of the 5 equalizing pre-sets. Have to stop and turn off the monitor, No Problem. When you restart the vehicle or turn the ignition to auxiliary, the movie starts over exactly where you left off. Lose the remote control, No Problem. Use the backlit control buttons conveniently located on the front of the headrest control panel.